Renewable Matter # 4 / June

Beach Umbrellas Surrounded by Litter

by Stefano Ciafani

Not only do many Mediterranean beaches share a beautiful sea and sunshiny days, but also garbage along the coast. Trash in all shapes and sizes. This year too, plastic is the undisputed star of beach litter, as emerged from the Beach litter investigation by Legambiente, within the campaign “Spiagge e Fondali puliti – Clean up the Med 2015”.

The investigation was carried out – from April to May 2015 – by Legambiente volunteers, in line with the monitoring protocol set up by the Ministry for the Environment and ISPRA, over a 136,330 m2 area, where 22,114 items of beach litter have been found, namely 17 waste items every 100 m2, 5 more per 100 m2 compared to last year investigation.

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