Renewable Matter # 4 / June

A Marketable Seaweed Production

by Ilaria Nardello

The European Seaweed Production and Marketability workshop took place in mid May, in Oban, Scotland. Inserted among the events celebrating European Maritime Day, hosted on the grounds of the Scottish Association for Marine Science, in the North West of Scotland, possibly on the sunniest two days of the year, the workshop was a unique gathering of five European projects debating practices and expectations in seaweed harvesting, cultivation, product extraction and analysis. Quite extraordinarily for an audience composed 50% by scientists, the agenda was the marketability of these marine bioresources. 

The global demand for seaweed biomass is rising. According to recent figures from the FAO (2014), about 25 million tonnes of seaweeds and other algae are utilized annually: used as food, in cosmetics and fertilizers; or processed to extract thickening agents for the food industry and additives to animal feed. This volume has increased by more than 30% since the previous estimates (2012),...

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