Renewable Matter # 4 / June

Business Models Reaching For a Circular Slot

by Carlo Pesso

By 1982 the myth of continued economic growth was under severe strain and the circular economy appeared as a new frontier. At first that dream was put aside. Today, 30 years down the road, enterprises meet in London to compare experiences of walk-the-talk circular business models. Their objective is to meet the challenges generated by ongoing global trends and, above all, to seize the novel opportunities.


When they created the Product Life Institute in Geneva in 1982, Orio Giarini and Walter Stahel stood as lonesome cowboys exploring the newfound land of the circular economy. Indeed, during the 60’s and the 70’s, affluent Western economies had swept pre-industrial product reuse and material recycling practice into oblivion. Ever since, business models, product innovation,...

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