Renewable Matter # 4 / June

The New Chemistry Is Worth $80 Trillion

Interview with Rafael Cayuela

edited by Mario Bonaccorso, interview with Rafael Cayuela

For the chemical industry it is an epoch-making change. The way to sustainability is a journey of no return, fuelled by the need to tackle climate change and energy efficiency challenges, rather than oil price volatility. All this will create an unprecedented business opportunity: $80,000 billion by 2050. Raw materials (more shale gas and biological resources), the kind of products (more sustainable), markets and players will change, with Europe and the United States still in the lead, but Brazil, Russia, India and China are bound to have more and more prominence. Rafael Cayuela, author of The Future of the Chemical Industry by 2050, a book published in 2013 by Wiley about the future of the world’s chemical industry, will discuss such themes with Renewable Matter.

Let us begin with your book, regarded as the Bible by those in the know. Will you help us understand where the world’s chemical industry is heading for?

Over the last ten years, the chemical industry has gradually shifted its focus from operational efficiency and commodities to real innovation and technological convergence. Sustainable chemistry is progressively...

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