Renewable Matter # 3 / April

Marine Biomass: An Unconventional Wealth

by Ilaria Nardello

Possibly because the ocean covers just under three quarters of our planet’s surface and it remains a vastly unexplored environment, its resources may have been considered infinite. The seafood industry has been allowed to adopt unsustainable fishing methods for decades, in addition to routinely discard roughly half of the biological material of their fish and shellfish catches, creating a considerable waste stream from the evisceration, nobbing, filleting, peeling, deshelling, washing, defrosting and cooking of produces intended for human consumption. 

In fact, the ocean capacity is far from infinite and investigations in its ecosystems have shown the large impact of those man-made environmental condition changes, such as pollution, global warming and over-fishing. The consequences of those stressors have been sometimes extreme, and possibly irriversible, on the world population of some of the most commercially...

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