Renewable Matter # 3 / April

Biomaterials Come out on Top

'Biomaterials of the Year' Win an Award for Innovation

by Maurizio Quaranta

The award for the best Bio-based Material of the Year 2015 went to Desmodur® eco N, a coating material designed by Bayer MaterialScience, the German chemical giant’s division focusing on the development of innovative materials. 
The over two hundred people who took part in the conference on biomaterials organised by nova-Institut in Cologne from 13th to 15th April made their choice among 24 submitted materials.

If the creation of an award is a sign of the maturity of a sector, and considering that “Bio-based Material of the Year” has now reached its eighth edition, then the bio-based material sector is well represented. 

The competition, promoted by the German research institute, seeks to recognize new biomaterial products made available by this fledgling...

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