Renewable Matter # 2 / Numero #2

Glass Recycling Is km 0

by Marco Gisotti

Imagine drinking from a glass that was previously used by Salvador Dalì. Imagine that even before that the same container vessel was used to placate the thirst of Paolina Borghese, Giordano Bruno or Dante Alighieri. And that even earlier it belonged to the Giulia Family: Tiberius, Octavianus, Julius Caesar, who perhaps got it from Cleopatra, who in turn had inherited from even more remote times.

Glass has a very ancient origin. It seems that the first people who produced it were the inhabitants of Mesopotamia, although the oldest fragments that we know of are from Egypt dating from 1500 b.C. 

Although very unlikely that a glass could travel so far, remaining intact all the time, the material could, from cycle...

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