Renewable Matter # 2 / Numero #2

Still Too Many Landfills, and They Will Only Last Two More Years

The Limits of Waste Management in Italy, a Sector Experiencing a Phase of Deep Change, Between Incoming EU Diktats and Prospects for Development

by Maurizio Quaranta

WAS – Waste Strategy, the think tank on waste and recycling of Althesys in collaboration with AMA, AMIU, HeraAmbiente, BASF, CIAL, CONAI, COREPLA, COMIECO, Ancitel Energia&Ambiente, FiseAssoambiente, Ecopneus, Nestlé, FederAmbiente, Ricrea, Montello, Rilegno – presented its WAS Annual Report 2014

Its aim was to provide, through a detailed analysis of urban waste management in Italy, its infrastructure and the evolution of national and EU legislation, a common vision, a general framework of the Italian waste management and recycling industry, while at the same time suggesting business strategies and systematic policies that take into account environmental, social, industrial, economic, regulatory and technological aspects. 


In the last few years, in Italy the situation has improved thanks to a drop in waste production and an increase in separate collection. However, the objective of decoupling waste production from GDP growth has not been reached yet, despite some positive signs between 2010 and 2011. 

In the analyzed...

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