Renewable Matter # 2 / Numero #2

When Innovation and Recycling Go Hand in Hand

by Giorgio Lonardi

It is easy to recycle paper to produce other paper. Or plastic to obtain a different kind of plastic. But the game gets more interesting if the reuse of materials goes hand in hand with the search for new end markets and new products able to arouse consumers’ interest. In other words, marketing and real innovation must be taken into account. This trend is taking hold in Italy, where small and medium enterprises are experimenting with new systems and products. This phenomenon is also bound to expand the reusing market in its totality.

Let us have a look at exercise books, notepads and diaries made from recycled paper. It is a well-established niche market. But it is also an industry that over the years has both played the design card and entered the promotional gadget market offering its expertise to brands in various sectors thus becoming a specialized contractor. This is how personalized stationery items and...

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