Renewable Matter # 2 / Numero #2

The Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

An Open-Innovation Pilot Plant for Bio-based Products and Processes

by Hendrik Waegeman

Creating biofuels from whiskey waste. This is just one of Bio Base Europe’s pilot plant (see Box), the first open innovation and training centre for the biobased economy in Europe, born out of a collaboration amongst Belgium and the Netherlands. The aim of such a unique plant in the Old Continent is an ambitious one: to become a benchmark against which businesses can test their Made in EU products. Operational since 2011 within the Port of Ghent, nowadays the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is regarded as the cutting-edge centre in industrial biotechnologies, thanks also to official recognition awarded by the European Commission.


In 2009, in the middle of the financial and economic crisis, Europe was awakened by the fact that it was losing industrial significance to emerging economies. To counteract, the European Commission launched the concept of Key...

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