Renewable Matter # 2 / Numero #2

In the Large-Scale Retail Trade, One Carrier Bag Out of Two Is Illegal

by Stefano Ciafani

Out of 37 carrier bags spotted in various large-scale retailers in seven regions, as many as 20, i.e. 54%, were not compliant with the law banning non-compostable carrier bags. This is the outcome of the monitoring campaign organized by Legambiente, thanks to its local associations and regional committees, between late November 2014 and the Christmas festivities. The objective was to assess abidance to a law that has been in force for many years now banning plastic bags in Italy. Unfortunately, carrier bags are still widely used.

Illegal carrier bags were spotted in five regions: Campania (7 carrier bags), Basilicata (6), Apulia (3) and Lazio (1) while the carrier bags picked up in Lombardy and Veneto were all legal. At city level, the situation is as follows: Potenza (6 illegal carrier bags), Avellino, Bari and Naples (3), Vibo Valentia (2), Benevento, Catanzaro and Rome (1). Dividing the 20...

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