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A Ban Spurs the Launch of the Bioeconomy in Italy: the Case of Shopping Bags

by Francesco Ferrante

On 13th September 2014 the beginning of an investigation conducted by Turin’s Public Prosecution captured the headlines. The enquiry was about plastic bags that were supposed to be biodegradable but are not. Perhaps this will put an end to an occurrence which started well over 93 months ago – it seems impossible to find a solution to the Italian proverbial slowness – when, with a very concise amendment of the 2007 Financial Act, the so called “shopping bag revolution” was set in motion.


For once, the revolution involving landfills and waste management saw Italy as the leader in Europe. Funny, since Italy is known for having the highest number of law infringements, some of them very costly such as those of waste in landfills. A few concise lines were more effective than many words and bills. Such amendment certainly opposed the widespread trend by any Italian government...

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