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Revision of the Waste Directive and Prospects for a European Circular Economy

by Duccio Bianchi

The European circular economy is shaping up, at least in terms of objectives. The proposal for a new waste directive sets ambitious targets for recycling, while at the same time reducing space for other forms of waste disposal: landfills and energy recovery.

In particular, the target of +70% by 2030 for recycling of urban waste indicates the resource base on which to implement the circular economy of the EU. The big jump requested in the integration between waste management and industrial, distribution and consumption policies represents a challenge in many respects. However, the benefits that would derive from this would be extremely important: up to 870,000 new jobs and a reduction of CO2 emissions between 300 and 400 million tons.


The proposal for a waste directive presented at the commission on 2nd July 2014, in the framework of a packet of measures aimed at promoting circular economy, is the first important regulatory step of the strategy for resource efficiency, already contained in the Europe 2020 agenda for an intelligent,...

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