Renewable Matter # 29-30 / September-December

Regeneration: Planting Trees is the Secret Weapon for Reversing the Climate Emergency

by Mattia Battagion

Net forest loss reached 3.3 million hectares a year in 2015 (FAO), thus contributing to the release of huge quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. However, there is an immediate economically and environmentally sustainable solution: planting trees. The potential of ecosystem restoration as a climate change mitigation tool is enormous and represents one of the crucial challenges of the next decade. 


“When I think that a man alone, reduced to his own simple physical and moral resources, was enough to cause this land of Canaan to spring out of the desert, I do find that, after all, the human condition is commendable.”

This is how the book The Man Who Planted Trees, by French writer Jean Giono, ends after having told the story of Elzéard...

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